Shhh. Be quiet, or they’ll hear us…

“Shhh. Be quiet, or they’ll hear us,” she said in a whispered voice. I then exclaimed, “I have no shame!” Suddenly, she started talking in a normal speaking voice. I explained to her that sometimes I have volume control issues. She laughed it off, but she also realized that I was being serious. Throughout our conversation, she kept looking at me inquisitively as if she was repeating every word and questioning what I said back to herself in her own mind. Later that night, she surprised me by repeating something I had said back to me verbatim when I asked her for her opinion on something. It was her way of letting me know that she understood me. Most of all, this action told me that I mattered and I already had the answers to my own questions: even if I didn’t want to realize it. It seemed that our conversation had gone in a small circle, but it was slightly different this time around because of the small changes in the topic. The conversation flowed on its own without either of us feeling forced to say anything. Instead of small talk, I have yet to have a lackluster conversation with this woman. She understands me and doesn’t judge me for anything. Pure and unconditional acceptance allows us to talk about any topic without fear of embarrassment.

Have a meaningful conversation with someone today and actually listen to them rather than just hearing them. Active listening is a long-lost art form that should be practiced as often as possible.

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Daily Prompt: Focused

This is going to be a short post… Because I can’t stay focused… Go figure…

I can’t stay focused on almost anything at the moment. My mind wanders around in what seems to be aimless and endless thought. Every time that I think that I can be focused on something, such as writing, I always end up losing my focus and my attention drifts away to something else… Even if it’s for a brief moment, I seem to get stuck on the new train of thought rather than going back to the original one…

I need to find different methods and mechanisms to apply to myself when my attention drifts elsewhere.


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I decided to start this post with the Chinese text that I have tattooed on my arm. I had a crush on someone that was unrequited and I used the tattoo to “Overcome” the emotional barrier.

Now, I think that I should call upon the power in this tattoo to overcome some obstacles in my life. One of them is how I keep getting in the way of my own happiness. Why is it that I love the chaos that is created in my personal life?

So, to help me overcome this, I’m going to continue to do the following things:

  • Don’t start arguments, but don’t put up with those who do. In other words, be peaceful, but not a push over.
  • Don’t force anything from anyone or anything. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. However, sometimes the Universe needs you to meet halfway, so be sure to do that.
  • Meditate daily
  • Write more often
  • Concentrate on those who make you happy
  • Find other things to do that make you happy
  • Try to connect with other people, even if it’s awkward at first.
  • Don’t isolate


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Can we be human in a digital age?


To have sympathy for another human is yet another expression of connection and of love in a way. I think that almost every situation that you’re currently going through, someone else has already gone through in some way or another… We all have broken hearts at some point. We all make mistakes. Sure some mistakes are larger than others, but in the end of it all, we’re human, so mistakes are inevitable. If you can’t have sympathy for anyone, then you don’t really care about them in any way.

To show compassion to people should be natural and not forced, why must we work to be compassionate or to have sympathy in some cases? The main problem is disconnectedness. We live in a society where we can obtain the world’s information from our phones, we can communicate with others across vast distances quickly and easily… However, it is causing problems in standard human interactions. For example, when is the last time you’ve gone to a newly moved in neighbor’s house to introduce yourself? When is the last time that you’ve gone on a date with someone without texting back and forth to set a time rather than just spontaneously saying, “hey, want to grab a coffee?”. We live in the digital age where we’re so disconnected from human interaction that I believe that we’re losing ourselves.

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So many things that the list continues growing daily.

My friends laughter, being able to brighten someone’s day just by walking into their work. Being able to wake up with everyday being an opportunity to change my life and change the lives of other people for the better.

My family, my friends, the Internet, computers… The list grows every day. Let me explain some of these things.

My family has always been there for me, as have my few select friends. If it weren’t for my family, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today, nor who I cam become in the future. If I was put up for adoption or put into foster care as a kid (which was never a possibility, but if something bad like that had happened to me), I wouldn’t be able to hear, people would still consider me “stupid”, and I wouldn’t have the job that I have today.

How so?

Well, my grandfather let me use a spare computer of his when I was four. It taught me how to read and write. After about 5 years passed, he gave me the computer along with a modem. This opened up an entirely new world for me. I met one of my friends on a BBS (who I still talk with occasionally via FaceBook, she knows who she is). I met a mentor of mine on a BBS as well. He taught me about Linux and got me in contact with an ISP. I traded giving support for Linux for access to their T1 line… And this got me into the Internet.

If it wasn’t for my maternal grandmother, I wouldn’t hear as well as I do today. She paid for my surgery for tubes to be put into my ears… I don’t think that we had insurance at the time and I couldn’t hear (after being tested extensively, they figured out what was “wrong” with me).

My friends are people who I can call at almost any hour of the night and they’ll answer. We’ve had some great conversations and some of the best memories that I’ve had.

The Internet: it opened up an entirely new world of information for me to consume after I had already went through the entire encyclopedia that my grandfather had given to me. When the first graphical browser came out, I found myself “hooked”. This would eventually become my career… Now for “computers”, I think that I’ve already explained myself.

So there you have it… These are some of the things that are priceless to me… because you can’t put a price on them. Sure, you pay for computers and Internet access… but to me, these things should be considered human rights.

My cat because of her love for me. She’ll lay on my chest until I’m asleep. Lately, I can’t sleep that well unless she’s inside with me so she’ll cuddle… Unless I’m cuddling with a special friend (you know who you are, if you even read this).

Someone said, “your entire life can change with just a single decision.” So, if you keep making the decisions that are “right” for you and without hesitation, and you’ll be ok. I think that her name was “Mel” or something like that on a YouTube inspirational channel. (I don’t remember all of the details, so if you know who I’m talking about, please feel free to add a link to her/them on the comments section.)

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Continue to believe in yourself. Ignore what anyone says. You are beautiful. Continue to be the best “you” you can be. Don’t give up. Don’t apologize for being who you are. Continue to love the world, even if your heart breaks. Continue to look at others as if they were you… Because in the end, we all end up in the same place. We could all be different iterations of the same entity throughout time, even if we’re overlapping in the current space and time.

Continue to believe in something greater than any single human being. It can be G-d, the Universe, Mother Nature, or anything else you want… Just continue to believe in it.

Continue handing over the problems that you face, but continue to work on them yourself. Even though the Universe/G-d can do amazing things, you need to meet it halfway, otherwise, it’ll be in vain.

Continue to breathe intentionally. Continue to be mindful of others… Continue to live as much as you can.

Don’t just live to work… Continue finding new things that lift up your heart and soul. Continue being friendly with people… Continue being a good person, in action as well as thought — leave gossip behind: ignore what anyone says about you unless it’s constructive criticism.

… Continue to be human, it’s all that you can be in this current form.

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A response for: Daily Prompt: Commit

This word has so much meaning to me. I’m committed to making my life better… However, I’m going to concentrate on the word “commitment” as a noun for this post rather than the verb “to commit”. Just a quick disclaimer: this post isn’t directed, nor is is about, any person in particular.

Commitments are some of the most important things to me and people take them too lightly. If you say that you’re going to do something and then fail to do so, I view you in a different light. I’ll give you another chance, but once you give me the commitment of doing something, I really hope that you come through on it. Otherwise, if I give you another chance and then you flake out on me, I won’t ask you for another commitment. If you’re too busy to commit your time to me, even if it’s something for as basic as a thing such as meeting up for coffee: don’t waste my time by making me think that you’ll be there when you won’t.

Basically, don’t waste my time, energy, or your own by committing to do something and then flaking out on me.

I think that I may take a friend’s idea of having rules of engagement for when dealing with him and they’re posted online. I should let everyone know my expectations as well as what they can expect from me. I think that it will help remove any potential misunderstandings and disappointments.

Daily Prompt: Center

Today’s post will be a little different as I’m just rambling today. 🙂

Every day, looking for the center of everything… Trying to be in the center of my feelings: not too happy, but not too depressed. I’m always half-way to loneliness. Getting around it by going on random “bus adventures” and then talking to complete strangers… People watching at a cafe or just walking around Austin… Being overly caffeinated just so that I can concentrate while I’m surrounded by distraction.

Finding the center of feelings (not emotions) as I can always appear to be “ok”, even though I’m just indifferent leads me to constant lie to others. However, here at this cafe, I don’t really think that I’m lying… Being surrounded by others helps me be distracted from the loneliness, so why not hang out and see what happens?


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Daily Prompt: Lush

This is the first daily prompt for my new blog. This is the universe’s way of expressing itself through humor.

It seems that any time I’ve ever had any trouble what-so-ever with the law, there has been alcohol involved… Instead of playing a game of Russian roulette every time I would drink, now I’m abstaining from it.

I was involved in an accident last year which resulted in me needing to re-evaluate my alcohol use. Even though I was a very infrequent drinker, every time I would drink, it would always be to excess. I could never get a “medium/happy” buzz that most normal people can have. Either I was sober or I was three sheets to the wind… I put the word infrequent in bold because I went out to drink a total of two times in the year leading up to my DWI.

I had been out drinking because I was feeling lonely: my partner and I recently moved to Austin, TX. I wanted to get out and meet new people. It seems that the older you get, the more difficult it can be to meet new people and friends.

I was asked by someone if I missed drinking. How in the hell could I miss something that has caused me such heartache, misery, financial ruin, legal problems, and overall mental anguish? It made me start to laugh a little until I noticed that they were being serious… That’s when I told them truthfully: no, I don’t miss it. I had my last drink of alcohol 580 days ago and I still don’t miss it, nor do I want it.

It’s almost 1:20 AM. Many people who are out and drinking are now dreading the 1:30-1:45 AM “last call for alcohol” while I’m at home writing this and staying out of trouble.

I’d much rather be at a café with the potential of running into someone which results in an organically created conversation that I’ll remember instead of having a mediocre one based on “small talk” that I’ll more than likely forget the next day.

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