So many things that the list continues growing daily.

My friends laughter, being able to brighten someone’s day just by walking into their work. Being able to wake up with everyday being an opportunity to change my life and change the lives of other people for the better.

My family, my friends, the Internet, computers… The list grows every day. Let me explain some of these things.

My family has always been there for me, as have my few select friends. If it weren’t for my family, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today, nor who I cam become in the future. If I was put up for adoption or put into foster care as a kid (which was never a possibility, but if something bad like that had happened to me), I wouldn’t be able to hear, people would still consider me “stupid”, and I wouldn’t have the job that I have today.

How so?

Well, my grandfather let me use a spare computer of his when I was four. It taught me how to read and write. After about 5 years passed, he gave me the computer along with a modem. This opened up an entirely new world for me. I met one of my friends on a BBS (who I still talk with occasionally via FaceBook, she knows who she is). I met a mentor of mine on a BBS as well. He taught me about Linux and got me in contact with an ISP. I traded giving support for Linux for access to their T1 line… And this got me into the Internet.

If it wasn’t for my maternal grandmother, I wouldn’t hear as well as I do today. She paid for my surgery for tubes to be put into my ears… I don’t think that we had insurance at the time and I couldn’t hear (after being tested extensively, they figured out what was “wrong” with me).

My friends are people who I can call at almost any hour of the night and they’ll answer. We’ve had some great conversations and some of the best memories that I’ve had.

The Internet: it opened up an entirely new world of information for me to consume after I had already went through the entire encyclopedia that my grandfather had given to me. When the first graphical browser came out, I found myself “hooked”. This would eventually become my career… Now for “computers”, I think that I’ve already explained myself.

So there you have it… These are some of the things that are priceless to me… because you can’t put a price on them. Sure, you pay for computers and Internet access… but to me, these things should be considered human rights.

My cat because of her love for me. She’ll lay on my chest until I’m asleep. Lately, I can’t sleep that well unless she’s inside with me so she’ll cuddle… Unless I’m cuddling with a special friend (you know who you are, if you even read this).

Someone said, “your entire life can change with just a single decision.” So, if you keep making the decisions that are “right” for you and without hesitation, and you’ll be ok. I think that her name was “Mel” or something like that on a YouTube inspirational channel. (I don’t remember all of the details, so if you know who I’m talking about, please feel free to add a link to her/them on the comments section.)

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