Important notes for those on “Dating Apps”

I really hate being ignored. 

I went ahead and labeled this “rant-one” in the permalink above because I have a feeling that I might make this into a series.

Let’s say that if someone came up to you in a cafe and tried to start a conversation, just a conversation, with no sexual overtones or anything else. How would you react? Would you turn around and walk away or ignore them?

If someone gave you a compliment, such as, “you have pretty eyes”, in person, does that automatically mean that they want to screw you? What if they’re just trying to brighten up your day?

If someone just needed a friend and was friendly to you out in public, what would you do?

Now on to my rant… 🙂

I may be in the minority, but I look at a dating/social/hookup application or website the same way as I would a cafe or somewhere else in public. Therefore, I try to reply to people, even if I’m not interested in anything other than friendship. I wouldn’t flat out ignore someone and not reply back in public, so why would I do it on an application/site?

Why in the hell would you say that you’re wanting friends if all you want to do is mess around? That’s why there’s the option to not be looking for friends…

To do this, you simply uncheck the looking for “Friendships / Friends” box while making sure that you’ve checked the “NSA / No strings attached / Right Now” boxes. You don’t need to have all of the boxes checked to make sure that your public image isn’t tainted. Trust me, you’re already on a hookup app/site.

If you’re genuinely looking for friends, start behaving like it.

None of the sites or applications require approval for changing the “looking for” sections — you can do this all by yourself.

/end rant.

I don’t need my friends to be “good looking” or otherwise “my type” in real life, so why in the hell would I need it online?

If you’ve ignored me online and you have “wanting friends” listed and I recognize you in public, I will more than likely start a conversation with you or try to… That way, if you walk off or ignore me, thus appearing like an asshole, maybe the embarrassment will teach you something. It’s a lot different when you’re held accountable by your peers, isn’t it?

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  1. This happens quite a bit and is extremely frustrating. If someone pulls that crap, they honestly aren’t worth your time. Society is becoming more egocentric and shallow, which is truly sad. Thank you for bringing this up.

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