I moved, driving, and other things.

I recently moved into a new apartment. It’s nice, but it’s in an area of Austin that I used to live in. While the interior of my apartment is great, I don’t necessarily feel 100% safe while walking around at night. Someone was “assaulted with a deadly weapon” less than 500-800 feet from my apartment and about 45 minutes before I was in the same exact place that it occurred.

I’m sticking it out for as long as I can so that I can attempt to save up some money before moving again. I figure that I’ll be here for the duration of my lease. It’s going to be next month when I’m finally done with a lot of the things that have been weighing me down. I think that as soon as I start driving again, I’ll feel better about things. Also, I can’t wait until I get a new bed. I’m currently sleeping on a futon that’s a twin size bed when it’s folded out.

I think that I’m going to go ahead and get my insurance squared away within the month so that I can go buy a junker by January.

Now on to a more personal issue…

I think that I’m just wired differently than other people. I’ve met a few people in Austin that seem to “get me”, but I only see them occasionally.

I need people to be direct and to the point with me. They may hurt my feelings for a little while if they want to reject my friendship or potentially romantic relationship, but I’m a big boy. I can handle it.

I’d rather be investing my energy toward bettering myself than chasing after anyone. So, with that into consideration, it would be best if I’m interested in you in any romantic sense (and trust me, you’ll know), that you reject me if you don’t foresee yourself returning any of those feelings. I’d rather us be platonic friends than nothing at all. It may take me a while to be able to have a platonic friendship, but trust me, I’ll be there eventually.

Whenever I moved to Austin in 2015, I didn’t know anyone here. My social circle has grown some, but I still feel lonely a lot of the time, unless I’m hanging out with people at the coffee shop. Every now and then, I can be surrounded by friends or acquaintances and still feel completely alone, so it’s difficult for me to form connections with people. However, if you can understand how I speak my mind and can get over the potential awkwardness of my brevity, then I think that we may be friends.

I’ll be a true friend to anyone who needs one.

Edited: I have written a “rules of engagement” for myself which has been published on this domain and occasionally updated. It is listed in the menu above.


… the unthinkable has happened.

I was assigned a MacBook Pro at work because it’s what I have to use… and I like it.

If/when I ever have some cash to throw away, I’ll buy one. It’s stable, runs my Linux VM well, etc.

I’m really liking the job. However, I’m counting down the days until I can go buy a new bicycle. I’m going to buy an electric bike to make it to/from work and any of the other commuting that I have to do. I know that it seems lazy, but Austin has some really big hills that I know I can’t do on my own yet. It’ll help me still get some exercise because the more you pedal, the more range you get.

I think that I’ll end need to save up for one… So, I’m going to invest in some locks and some safety gear as well. If anyone has any recommendations, please feel free to chime in. I’d like one that I can get assembled locally at a shop or I might even just go to an electric bike shop here in Austin and buy one locally.


A new year, so a new start. (A little late)

Over the past decade, I’ve had a website that has been mostly a blog. Since a lot has changed in the past year or two and because of a mishap with a backup, rather than attempting to piece it all back together, I’ve decided to start over on this.

With the exception of a page “How can I change the world”, I’m considering it a completely fresh slate for me to start writing again. I’m going to participate in the word prompts when I can and I’ll probably just write about things that are currently happening in my life or anything that I feel that I should write about.

I’ve changed so much that the past posts that I did doesn’t really reflect who I am today. Yes, I’m an accumulation of all of my past, but I want to focus on my present and the future.

I would like to invite all of you to comment on any of my posts as a lot of people have in the past. I am putting myself out there in the hopes that an individual who reads it can walk away with something, so please feel free to comment, post replies, or use the contact form/s to contact me. I really enjoy it when I hear back from people.