Nobody likes you

I strive to be a better person by refraining from speaking negatively about others. I believe in using my words purposefully and with respect for everyone, mindful of not wasting resources such as air or mental energy. However, I have been dealing with challenges in my interactions with someone who exhibits narcissistic personality traits. While I won’t mention their name, I just need to express my frustrations to release some tension. I believe that everyone gets what they deserve in the end, and I hope this person realizes the impact of their actions someday.

If anyone asks me about this person, I will acknowledge their charisma and initial impression of being a stand-up individual, but the truth is that their behavior is disappointing. It’s unfortunate that their oldest friendship is less than 10 years old, and people have expressed sympathy when inquiring about them during the time they lived with me. It seems that everything with them comes with a price tag, as maintaining their “friendship” requires financial investment or resources that I can no longer provide. Despite their claims of being a friend, their actions don’t align with true friendship values. I wish them well on their journey, but I also acknowledge the challenges I have faced in my interactions with them.

I’m curious about why he makes claims that “no one” likes me, and why he acts self-righteous about it. I wonder if this behavior stems from his personality disorder or if he generally exhibits negative qualities.