Second class citizens

I’m tired of being a second class citizen.

When an institution can allow discrimination based on any attribute that an individual shares with a group, they are creating a class or group of “lesser” people.

I thought that we would have made progress by now. There is no place for religion inside the government (separation of church and the state); however, it seems that most of the arguments used against my people is based on religion.

Please show me a reason that doesn’t include religion or “social norms” to support your argument that I should not be able to provide for my partner.

If you want to keep religion as one of the only arguments against my rights, then you should also outlaw divorce. Why not go ahead and ban pork as well as shell fish while you’re at it?

I’m tired of people cherry picking through their scriptures. Either follow all of it or none of it. You can’t go around saying that you’re only 60% Christian. You either are or you’re not, so why do you go through scripture and only select things that you deem fit and relevant? If you say “it’s up to personal interpretation”, then you negate your argument.

Whatever happened to “Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself?” This is repeated in more than just one verse inside the Bible, but I don’t see how people are living it. I don’t think that it said anywhere “Love thy neighbor, unless they’re different than you.”

If everyone would follow this single verse out of the Bible, then we would have a world that has more love and light rather than just suffering and darkness.


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