Screw you, OVH.

I’ve finally gotten to the point that time goes by so quickly now, that I really need to take a step back and see everything that has happened. This post will have some profanity, for that I apologize in advance to those with thinner skin… 🙂

I know that it’s taken me a while to get back to this blogging thing… Hell, I didn’t even have the website active fully because of a spat with my hosting provider left me without a server, years of my work gone, and they generally were so full of shit that I canceled their service and I doubt that I’ll ever do business with them again… This includes missing out on potential referrals and any time I need a new server for the company I work for, I will *never* go to them again.

First, they decided to charge people in the US twice the amount for the same service they charged people in Canada and the rest of the world… Nice, right? So I call them out on it… and they then go through a script that uses the Patriot Act of all things as an excuse to charge us more money… What in the ever living hell? Anyway, so I almost beat them at their own game. I started a subsidiary of my personal company in Vancouver! 🙂 Anyway, I’ve gone ahead and dissolved it because I only had it to prove one point to the company in the first place… If I was fraud… Wouldn’t there have been a single chargeback in the past 10 years of service? Yes… That’s right. They lost out on one hell of a loyal customer because of their bullshit policies and standardized scripts. After I contacted the CTO of the issues I was having, suddenly, the Americans were being charged the same amount… After I had already gotten a new server, I was trying to get my data transferred over because it was about to expire… and guess what?

They deleted all of my data during this process because their “automated” system cancels nonpaid servers at 7 days over… Even if you contact their technical support team, no one will ever take the blame for the issues I was having. The server I was on was aged to the point that two of the drives were failing… Instead of me getting them to troubleshoot them, I signed up for a new server, and contacted their support team about the old server and asked if I could have 24 hours to get the data. So, they instead sent the ticket to billing (who wouldn’t be in until 3 days later)… Meanwhile, I’m going back and forth between sales, their fraud department, and their technical support team… All because I had to create a company in another country to get by their bullshit policy of charging Americans more money. I tried to get their left hand to talk to their right foot, and it seems that they couldn’t figure out that I had been a customer (even though I had opened up tickets in both accounts) and that I should have been let through the fraud prevention crap that I could’ve easily gotten around… had I not been an honest customer.

So, they’ve lost all of my business and all of the business that they could’ve gotten through me… Simply because their support staff doesn’t know how to pick up a god damned phone and call another department or because they have their heads so far up in “the cloud” that they don’t know the difference between a hole in the ground from their ass.

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