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… What do you write about?

By | December 14, 2017

So, earlier today, I was asked what I wrote about… I didn’t really have a good answer because the most writing that I’ve done lately has been on this blog. I’ve been thinking about a few different stories; I don’t know which one I’m going to run with. However, I’m going to write random posts… Read More »

I moved, driving, and other things.

By | November 14, 2017

I recently moved into a new apartment. It’s nice, but it’s in an area of Austin that I used to live in. While the interior of my apartment is great, I don’t necessarily feel 100% safe while walking around at night. Someone was “assaulted with a deadly weapon” less than 500-800 feet from my apartment… Read More »

A new year, so a new start. (A little late)

By | February 9, 2017

Over the past decade, I’ve had a website that has been mostly a blog. Since a lot has changed in the past year or two and because of a mishap with a backup, rather than attempting to piece it all back together, I’ve decided to start over on this. With the exception of a page… Read More »