… the unthinkable has happened.

I was assigned a MacBook Pro at work because it’s what I have to use… and I like it.

If/when I ever have some cash to throw away, I’ll buy one. It’s stable, runs my Linux VM well, etc.

I’m really liking the job. However, I’m counting down the days until I can go buy a new bicycle. I’m going to buy an electric bike to make it to/from work and any of the other commuting that I have to do. I know that it seems lazy, but Austin has some really big hills that I know I can’t do on my own yet. It’ll help me still get some exercise because the more you pedal, the more range you get.

I think that I’ll end need to save up for one… So, I’m going to invest in some locks and some safety gear as well. If anyone has any recommendations, please feel free to chime in. I’d like one that I can get assembled locally at a shop or I might even just go to an electric bike shop here in Austin and buy one locally.

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Daily Prompt: Center

Today’s post will be a little different as I’m just rambling today. 🙂

Every day, looking for the center of everything… Trying to be in the center of my feelings: not too happy, but not too depressed. I’m always half-way to loneliness. Getting around it by going on random “bus adventures” and then talking to complete strangers… People watching at a cafe or just walking around Austin… Being overly caffeinated just so that I can concentrate while I’m surrounded by distraction.

Finding the center of feelings (not emotions) as I can always appear to be “ok”, even though I’m just indifferent leads me to constant lie to others. However, here at this cafe, I don’t really think that I’m lying… Being surrounded by others helps me be distracted from the loneliness, so why not hang out and see what happens?


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