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Daily Prompt: Focused

By | September 26, 2017

This is going to be a short post… Because I can’t stay focused… Go figure… I can’t stay focused on almost anything at the moment. My mind wanders around in what seems to be aimless and endless thought. Every time that I think that I can be focused on something, such as writing, I always… Read More »


By | September 12, 2017

I decided to start this post with the Chinese text that I have tattooed on my arm. I had a crush on someone that was unrequited and I used the tattoo to “Overcome” the emotional barrier. Now, I think that I should call upon the power in this tattoo to overcome some obstacles in my… Read More »

Can we be human in a digital age?

By | September 12, 2017

  To have sympathy for another human is yet another expression of connection and of love in a way. I think that almost every situation that you’re currently going through, someone else has already gone through in some way or another… We all have broken hearts at some point. We all make mistakes. Sure some… Read More »


By | September 4, 2017

Continue to believe in yourself. Ignore what anyone says. You are beautiful. Continue to be the best “you” you can be. Don’t give up. Don’t apologize for being who you are. Continue to love the world, even if your heart breaks. Continue to look at others as if they were you… Because in the end,… Read More »


By | June 24, 2017

A response for: Daily Prompt: Commit This word has so much meaning to me. I’m committed to making my life better… However, I’m going to concentrate on the word “commitment” as a noun for this post rather than the verb “to commit”. Just a quick disclaimer: this post isn’t directed, nor is is about, any person… Read More »

Daily Prompt: Lush

By | February 11, 2017

This is the first daily prompt for my new blog. This is the universe’s way of expressing itself through humor. It seems that any time I’ve ever had any trouble what-so-ever with the law, there has been alcohol involved… Instead of playing a game of Russian roulette every time I would drink, now I’m abstaining from… Read More »